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We understand the complexities of school meal programs because our entire customer base is in the business of school foodservice.

GoodSource Solutions
Navigating the complexities of school meal programs

As cafeteria food programs change, its crucial systems adapt to these changes – and all the Gold Star Foods systems are designed to meet these the ever –evolving needs. We provide the most comprehensive strategies and solutions to meet school food program objectives. Partner with Gold Star and experience the difference.

There are more than 50 million K-12 students enrolled across America - that’s a lot of mouths to feed! As the U.S. government changes school meal program requirements, our Tools for Schools team continuously developed products to meet new regulations - including pizza rippers, corn dogs, cookies, pretzels, applesauce, cereal, fruit snacks, beverages, grain and fruit bars, chicken items and much, much more.

GoodSource Solutions
Our focus is K-12

Our service extends further than our wide range of exclusive, private label Tools For Schools food products. Our team monitors school dining trends and nutritional criteria to guarantee our food meets all K-12 school meal program requirements. Even when school is out, Tools For Schools services after-school programs, summer camps and backpack programs with nutritious, easy to serve meals. We thrive on helping nourish our nation’s young minds.

Our Tools for Schools® team:

GoodSource Solutions

Delivers millions of pounds of nourishing food to public and private K-12 schools throughout the United States

GoodSource Solutions

Provides unique
meal options

GoodSource Solutions

Delivers great cost
savings to school budgets.

GoodSource Solutions

Supports healthy eating habits for students.

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