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Commodity Programs

Gold Star has dedicated staff and a depth of online tools to help you utilize Commodity Programs. Our Processed and USDA, “Brown Box" or "Valued Added”, teams have over 20 years experience working with school district commodities. This combined with our state of the art online tools help you leverage your commodity dollars, saving your program much needed dollars.

  • Processed Commodities
  • USDA Commodities
  • Storage Program
  • Commodity Calculators

Processed Commodities
Seamless use of USDA Commodities is our Goal.

  • All items stocked
  • Multiple Value Pass Thru Options Net Off Invoice, Modified Fee for Service, Automatic Rebate
  • Online balances help you manage balances for multiple processors and platforms
  • Short lead times
  • Automatic and Real Time Commodity Values
  • Single Invoices, no multiple invoices from the processor
  • Processed Commodities Links, Documents & Reports

USDA Commodities
Currently Gold Star Foods distributes USDA, “Brown Box” or “Value Added”, commodities to over 200 school districts. Our staff are in place to assist in the timing of your deliveries and order coordination. Online tools help manage arrival and coordinate storage if needed. The Gold Star Foods commodity staff enters all incoming commodity cases into our tracking system within 24 hours of receiving them. This innovative system has a programmed series of checks and balances to ensure complete receiving accuracy. Once we enter your delivery of commodity cases, the system triggers a series of automatic fax responses that provide updated information to you on a daily basis. These faxes, called "NOTICE OF COMMODITY ARRIVAL", include every detail you need to make informed decisions regarding case amounts, items on hand, delivery of cases, storage anniversary dates, raw USDA sources, manufacturer finished cases, and lot numbers. Simply send Gold Star Foods a fax that specifies how you would like us to handle your commodities and we will do the rest!

Storage Program:
Gold Star Foods has a fantastic storage program for commodity products. With Gold Star Foods, you can feel confident that your commodities are in a clean environment that is managed by experts. Each month, hundreds of thousands of product cases are transported through our clean and modern facility. When you store commodities with us, we rotate your inventory on a regular basis to ensure that the oldest products are always pulled first. We also remove the draw down of pulled product from inventory so we can calculate your storage charges intrinsically. For your convenience, we automatically generate storage invoices on the anniversary date each month.